We deliver our food in a relaxed, pleasant, island inspired environment

Enter the MOKU Beach world; an experiential company providing its services in the hospitality industry; through Food & Beverages and in future, the events industry. Creating aworld full of colour, where difference is appreciated and celebrated, where life is all about working from the inside out... feeding souls the only goal; through creativity and positivity, you will find happiness in the MOKU Beach sanctuary.

It all started with the name… MOKU. A carefully selected name, which translates to ‘Island’ in Fijian. Our journey began in the street food market; where the positive vibe tribe brought scrumptious meals to the beautiful people of the streets. Operating at some of the biggest outdoor festivals in the UK, such as Wildlife and Nottinghill Carnival, to being a part of the Queens 90th Birthday Commonwealth celebration. We know that experiences is what adds to human growth and it is through an experiential service that we have been accepted by the great British public.

MOKU Beach seeks to allow ordinary people to be in the presence of extraordinary things by creating an atmosphere that is island inspired; where you can eat, drink, be creative, be sociable, but above all, have an authentic experience.

We are competitively priced and our menu boasts unique flavours, inspired by the diversity of the team;  Kenya, Indian and Jamaican. We deliver something special to the customers in terms of our food quality, product range, and a personalised and cheerful customer service.




At MOKU, our values are what drives our business decisions; from our customers right through to our employees: 


April has always had a great passion for exploring different cultures and far away places. She is fascinated with the indigenous lifestyles and loves learning about different spices and how they are used in different ways throughout the world. She is intrigued by the range of cooking methods used by people who make do with what materials they have. Her mantra is ‘the natural earth gives us everything we need to survive’. When she was younger, her father used bricks and metal to create a home-made BBQ, just as he learned from a village in Africa and her mother introduced her to Caribbean spices that tantalised her taste for exotic flavours. During the summer her dad hosted BBQ’s where he would bring home Sugar cane, Mangos or Coconuts from the local market for the kids to eat. These experiences shaped Aprils’ passion to explore. Whilst travelling She learnt the indigenous underground ‘Earth Oven’ cooking method in Fiji and a world of new experiences and insights that inspired her dream of sharing exotic cuisine, traditions and customs from Islands she believes are a natural paradise. Through this passion she has a hunger to share MOKU Beach with the world. 

Lydia was raised in an African household, where cooking was a big deal. She always yearned for knowledge and information, and soon decided that travelling was the only way that she could learn about other cultures and the world. Her mum is a traditional Kenyan woman who believes that women should be able to cook, clean and make sure that the household is in order. She encouraged Lydia from the age of 8 to learn how to cook. Lydia would watch her mother come from work and simultaneously cook 3 or 4 different dishes in what felt like a short space of time. To Lydia, her mum is a superwoman, who would make wholesome meals for large numbers. So Lydia has always prided herself in being able to create amazing flavoursome meals from nothing. Cooking is a big part of her culture and looking back, her mother would use cooking utensils and ingredients utilised by the indegenious Luhya Kenyan people. She would say to Lydia; 'If you do not know how to cook, how will you ever find a husband?' Well thanks to MOKU Beach that should not be a problem.

Louise has always been a daydreamer, curious about what lies beyond her London existence. As soon as she was able to do so she made every effort to travel and learn about other cultures and way of life. As a child her father owned a Caribbean restaurant and her grandfather regularly grew fruit and vegetables in his back garden; that being the starting point of her passion for food. Her mother had always been stern on the idea that she must learn how to cook. In her teens. Louise and her cousin would often cook instead of their grandparents. Family, friendship, Love and happiness are all things Louise has always associated with food. This idea combined with her passion for travel has allowed her to always be experimental with food and enjoy the experiences that it creates.